Blog: Market

Holochain – the perfect framework for decentralised cooperation at scale

en | Holochain is a new technology project with great potential for a new, sustainable, collaborative and cooperative economy. An interview with Holo's Director of Communications in order to explain what Holochain is, how it works and why co-operators everywhere should take note.

Article by The Open Coop

Democratizing art markets - fractional ownership and the securitization of art

en | The authors present a novel investment framework for art by reconsidering the art market from the point of view of artists rather than art investors. They propose a model in which artists retain fractional equity in their work at the point of first sale. The fractional shares reflect the artist’s role as an early stage investor in his or her own art.

Once those equity shares exist, it is possible to create a secondary market in those shares, independent of the sale of the actual work of art. Such a system has not existed before, and would enable a diversifiable and more democratic investment in art.

Article by Amy Whitaker and Roman Kräuss

The industries that drive the art market

en | Artsy analyzed two sample cohorts of the world’s top collectors to see how the industry make-up behind the most elite collectors has changed over the last two decades.

Article by Anna Louie Sussman