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So viel schlechte Kunst! Aber woran soll man sie erkennen?

de | Nirgends findet man allgemeingültige und transparente Qualitätskriterien für Kunstwerke. Im Gegenteil: Die Hauptleistung der Avantgarden bestand ja gerade darin, die Kunst von allen Regeln zu befreien. Wenn Kriterien für gute Kunst so schwer zu greifen sind, könnte es leichter fallen, zumindest Indizien für schlechte Kunst zu finden?

Artikel von Christian Saehrendt

Van Gogh's attempt at art dealing

en | A new book on the Van Gogh Museum’s collection of Japanese prints argues that the artist bought over 600 examples in early 1887 with a view to selling them and becoming financially independent from his brother Theo. Although he exhibited the prints in the Parisian bar run by his Italian girlfriend Agostina Segatori, the venture proved a financial disaster.

Article by Martin Bailey

Chris Uhlenbeck, Louis van Tilborgh and Shigeru Oikawa, Japanese Prints: The Collection of Vincent van Gogh, Van Gogh Museum, Amsterdam and Thames & Hudson, London

On the verge of collective awakening

en | «My decades old quest for higher meaning reached a new phase with the question, what is the pattern that connects awakening to our highest potential in individual, organizational,and social life? I felt if I could discover that pattern, I’d be able to unlock the synergy between the directions of my calling to walk on the paths of personal, organizational, and social evolution.»

Article by George Pór

Meet the street artist who adds a Bitcoin QR code to his murals

en | French street artist Pascal Boyart is using QR codes to fuel his art with Bitcoin donations.

Article by Mix

The Collectors - When art is a passion, not an investment

en | Revealing interviews with people living in Sonoma Valley, California about their reasons and motivations to own art. Four personal collections that show acquiring art is a passion, not an investment.

Article by Jackie Lee