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Data protection regulations

This data protection regulation of provides information on how, hereafter referred to as us, deals with data. Be this while using our websites or applications or otherwise (hereinafter also referred to as digital offers or platform).

Regarding our platform, we are responsible for the processing of your personal data and the compatibility of the data processing with the applicable law. In doing so, we comply with the applicable data protection regulations.

Personal data are all individual details about personal or factual circumstances of a specific or identifiable natural person. This means that the information can be personally assigned to you and can say something about you. This policy also uses the wording your data. As processing applies any handling of your data, in particular, the collection, storage, management, use, transmission, posting or deleting your data.

Please note that the following versions can be adapted as needed. We, therefore, recommend that you regularly consult this data protection regulation.

The websites of third parties that can be accessed via our platform are not subject to the regulations listed here. So we take no responsibility or liability for their compliance with data protection.

In the following, we will inform you about what personal information we collect and store from you when you use our platform, and how we use this information and to whom we may share this information in certain cases. You will also receive information about what rights you have with us in relation to the use of your data.

Scope and purpose of processing personal data

When visiting our platform

When you use our digital services, our Internet Service Provider (ISP) automatically logs general technical visit information in log files. The following parameters can be recorded:

  • The IP address of the device used
  • Details of the browser type used to access
  • Information about your Internet service provider
  • Information about the operating system used
  • The called up digital offers
  • The entry/exit pages
  • The time and duration of the visit

The collection and processing of this information are within the competence of our ISP. Its data protection regulation can be found at this address:

The log files collected by the ISP can be analyzed by us. Such analyzes serve to optimize our internet offer.

In addition, we use additional analysis tools when visiting our platform. More details can be found under the title .

When registering a user account

For personalized services or access-protected areas or for processing inquiries and administration, your registration and thus the creation of a user account may be required. In this context, the input of personal data is required:

  • Your e-mail address, which can also serve as a username
  • A password

In the same context, further personal information may be requested, depending on the offer:

  • First and Last Name
  • Address, postcode, city
  • Telephone number
  • Date of birth
  • Language preferences

In addition to the information required for the use of our services and appropriately marked, further personal data may be entered voluntarily and stored by us.

We use your data to process and administer our services, to check the entered data for plausibility, as well as in the case of paid services for proper invoicing.

When using the platform as a registered user

During the use of the platform by the registered users, we may collect data for statistical purposes to keep the platform technically viable, as well as to analyze, optimize and personalize the use of our offerings and services.

So we can collect data on whether and how you use our digital services, in particular, what functions you perceive how. Such data may be available to other registered users.

When buying a paid service

If you buy a product or service on our site, the provision of personal data is required, as we need this for the execution of the purchase contract:

  • First and last name
  • Address
  • Postcode/Town
  • Further data, if necessary

If you choose an online payment option such as credit card or PayPal to purchase a product, payment will be made through the online payment system of that particular provider. The processing of personal and payment data, in this case, takes place directly via the provider of the respective payment system. We do not know or store your payment details. In each case additionally, the data protection regulations of the respective offerer of the online payment system apply.

Currently, the payments triggered on the platform are processed via the payment system Stripe. Their data protection regulation is available at the following address:

In order to comply with the legal provisions, we store all information about your current and previous purchases and contracts:

  • The products
  • Services
  • The number of products and services per purchase
  • The payment amount

We may use this information for marketing and analytical purposes. For more information on marketing and analytics, see

Direct marketing and advertising

With your registration or the order as a guest on our platform, we can also use your personal data for personalized advertising. This concerns both the personalization of advertising by e-mail, such as e-mails with general information or advertising character (newsletter), by telephone, post, fax, text messages, picture messages and instant messaging services as well as the delivery of personalized content and Advertising on our portals. For this purpose, we can automatically evaluate known information about your usage behavior on our portals. Further details can be found under point .

By registering for a user account you automatically sign up for one of our newsletters. Your e-mail address can also be used for your own promotional purposes. The newsletter is accompanied by a link that you can use to unsubscribe from the newsletter. You can also unsubscribe from the newsletter via e-mail to The deregistration is possible at any time.

We are entitled to commission third parties with the technical handling of advertising measures and advertising for ourselves and are entitled to pass on your data for this purpose:

Transfer of data to third parties

We work with other companies or individuals or hire other companies or individuals to process and store data. They may receive access to your personal information or usage data, but only to the extent necessary to perform their duties.

The passing on takes place basically with pseudonymized or anonymous data. We provide contractual and technical and organizational measures to ensure that personal identification is no longer possible.

In addition, we pass your data on to third parties, as far as this is necessary for the execution of the contract. For this purpose, we give the necessary data at best

  • Transport company
  • Banks
  • Other service providers

These service providers use your data exclusively for order processing. If necessary, the disclosure may also be made abroad, for example, to facilitate the delivery of goods. For more information on transfers abroad, see Transfer of personal data abroad

Your personal data will not be sold, rented or traded by us.

Apart from the disclosures described above, we will only disclose your personal information under the following conditions:

  • If you have expressly consented
  • There is a legal obligation to do so
  • This is necessary for the enforcement of our rights, in particular for the enforcement of claims arising from the contractual relationship

Processing your personal data for marketing and analysis purposes aims to continuously improve the digital services offered to you and make them more appropriate and safer.

For this purpose, user-specific data that we have access to can be linked to one another using various analysis tools and the user behavior can be analyzed, aggregated, pseudonymized and anonymized.

In order to improve the database to be processed, we may use publicly available data or third-party data. Findings from the use of our offer can be used and exploited by other companies in the given context. Such data processing takes place primarily with pseudonymized or anonymized data.

Transfer of personal data abroad

We are also entitled to transfer your personal data to third-party service providers abroad if this is expedient for the data processing described in this data protection regulation. These are obliged to privacy to the same extent as we are.

If the level of data protection in a country does not correspond to that of Switzerland, we contractually ensure that the protection of personal data corresponds to that of Switzerland. We ensure this by one or more of the following measures:

Right to information, correction, cancellation or complaint

You have the right to assert your privacy rights at any time and to request information about whether and which personal data are processed by us. You can also have your personal data rectified, blocked or deleted at any time by written notice and proof of your identity to the following address:

It is important to note that even after your request to block or delete your personal data, we may have to retain them in part legal or contractual retention (such as accounting) and we only will lock your personal data required for this purpose.

We will pass on your personal data to you or a designated third party in a standard format.

In addition, you have the right to file a complaint with the competent supervisory authority regarding data processing. You can do this with the regulator at your place of residence, workplace or the place of the alleged data breach.

Retention period of your personal data

We only store your data for as long as it is legally necessary or according to the purpose of certain processing:

  • During analyses, we store your data until the analysis is completed
  • If we store data based on a contractual relationship between you and us. This data will be stored for at least as long as the contractual relationship exists and no longer than limitation periods for possible claims or legal or contractual retention obligations exist

Data security

We use appropriate technical and organizational security measures to protect the personal data stored by us against unintentional, unlawful or unauthorized manipulation, deletion, alteration, access, disclosure or use and against partial or complete loss. Our safety measures are continuously adapted and improved in line with technological developments.

We assume no liability for the loss of data or their knowledge and use by third parties.

Payment and access information you should keep confidential to your best ability, especially if you use the device together with others.

Our employees and contracted service companies are required to comply with the data protection regulations.


Cookies are information files that your web browser automatically saves to your computer's hard drive when you visit a website.

Cookies neither damage the hard disk of your computer nor are personal data of the user transmitted to us by cookies.

In the parts of our platform, we control no cookies are deployed. However, it is possible that cookies may be used by the third-party services connected to our platform.

These service providers can read:

  • which pages of the service are visited
  • which parts of the service are used

Cookies can also be used for technical reasons:

  • that you can use the full functionality of the service
  • to use shopping carts or payment functions.
  • to apply your chosen options or made decisions as presets

Most internet browsers accept cookies automatically. However, you can set your browser to:

  • that no cookies are stored on your computer
  • or a note appears when a new cookie is to be loaded

Tracking and analysis tools

The use of our digital services is measured and evaluated by means of various technical systems, mainly by third-party providers.

These measurements can be done both anonymously and personally. It is possible that collected data in turn for processing will be passed on to third parties either by us or the third party providers of such technical systems.

The most commonly used analysis tool is Google Analytics, a service provided by Google Inc. This means that the collected data can always be transmitted to a Google server, whereby the IP addresses are anonymized, so that an assignment is not possible.

The collection and processing of this data via Google Analytics can be objected by opting-out of the future collection of your data:

Our digital offerings are connected to some functions and systems of social networks.

If you have a user account with these social networks, it is possible for these third parties to measure and evaluate your usage behavior. In this case, further personal data can be transmitted to these third parties and stored there:

  • IP address
  • personal browser settings
  • other parameters

We have no control over the use of personal data collected by third parties and assume no responsibility or liability.

Related services

Our platform includes specialized functions and services of the following service providers:

Legal basis

We process your personal data only in the context of the data processing principles and if there is a legal basis. Where this serves for the initiation and execution of our contract, this legal basis applies.

We are interested in continuously improving our platform and adapting it to the needs. We assume that our interests predominate. If you have consented to a data processing, this applies.

Contact person

If you have any questions about data protection on our website, want to request information or request the deletion of your data, please contact us by sending an e-mail to

The contact details of our data protection officer are as follows: Paul Zoller, Goldbachweg 8, CH-4058 Basel

Up-to-date and changes to the data protection regulation

As a result of the development of our website or the implementation of new technologies, it may be necessary to change this data protection regulation. Any material change to the data protection regulation will be notified to registered users by e-mail to the address provided during registration.

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