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In case of a sole role as a purchaser you don't have to register as a cooperant.

The return of original works

  • From the day of delivery of the original work, you have 7 (seven) days to decide if you want to keep the work or return it.
  • If you decide to return within the given deadline, please contact us first to arrange and confirm the return:

Do not return the work before contacting us!

  • After confirmation, the work must be returned to the seller within 3 (three) days:
  • Repack the work with the original packaging materials.
  • If the original packaging is no longer available, you must ensure equivalent replacement.
  • You are responsible for the correct packaging of the work in accordance with the relevant guidelines: The packaging guidelines are listed in detail in the Manuals for Artists.
  • Confirm by E-mail that the shipment of the work has been completed:
  • If the procedure is not complied as described, there is generally no refund of the purchase.
  • Exceptions to this rule are only possible in special cases and according to individual assessment by Art is not article.

Once the work has arrived at the seller, Art is not an article will initiate the further steps in the return process:

  • The deposited amount of the purchase will be returned to you within 7-10 (seven to ten) working days after the return:
    • in the same currency as your payment
    • in the same exchange rate as at the time of your payment
    • minus shipping costs
    • minus customs fees

Who pays the return costs?

The purchaser pays the return costs

  • if the decision to return the work is based on personal considerations of the purchaser
  • if the details of the sold work were communicated completely and correctly
  • if the work was delivered undamaged and flawless

The seller will pay for the return cost

  • if the information on the sold work was incomplete or incorrectly communicated
  • if the work was damaged or not delivered properly


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